Below, you will find the information for the On-campus sessions for the Digital Higher Education Summit on 29th & 30th of November.

29th November

Keynote: Professor Bert van der Zwaan – “Higher Education in 2040 (title tbc)”

Professor van der Zwaan will present on his recent well-received book, Higher Education in 2040: A global approach (2017), exploring the future of modern higher education on a global scale and the development of a new type of university suitable for the digital age. Professor van der Zwaan is a former President of the LERU Board of Directors and former Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University.

Parallel sessions based on different task groups

  • The pedagogical and technical possibilities, advantages and challenges of different types of electronic exams in LERU universities – Sanna Siirilä & Outi Valkama (University of Helsinki)
  • E-Assessment Maturity of LERU Universities, E-Assessment on Campus for 200+ Students, Organization and Support for E-Assessment: Surveys, results, updates. Please make our questioner: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/92909/lomake.html
  • Round-table discussion: BYOD e-assessment in higher education
  • Virtual Exchange in 5 years from now: where will it bring us? Marja Verstelle (University of Leiden) & Sabine Bottin (Sorbonne University)
  • Virtual Exchange pilot project: the project plan Marja Verstelle (University of Leiden) & Sabine Bottin (Sorbonne University)
  • Learning Analytics – opportunities and pitfalls: Helle Mathiasen, Professor (University of Copenhagen)
  • Current state of Open Education in member universities
  • Success cases video & media: Anne-Marie Mosbech (University of Copenhagen)
  • Explore successful and potential collaboration based on a theoretical framework and good practices on Academic Development (offered in the online part of this conference)

Vice Rectors programme

The special programme will be chaired by Piet Desmet (Vice Rector KU Leuven & KU Leuven KULAK Kortrijk Campus / Academic Director KU Leuven Campus Bruges)

The aim of the Special Vice Rectors Session is to facilitate a timely discussion on the challenges, opportunities and directions for change for research-intensive universities in the digital age.

Presentation: Dr. Timothy Savage

Workshop: Sebastiaan Steenman and Marie-Jeanne Schiffelers

Keynote: EU Delegate Themis Christophidou. Director-General - Directorate General ``Education, Youth, Sport and Culture`` (EAC).

“EU education policy and initiatives, including the Digital Action plan (title tbc)”.

30th November

Parallel sessions based on different taskgroups:

  • Digital Education in Action ‘Message from the Frontier’ (Presentation discussion Tim Savage and Peter van Baalen) Reflection on the current activities of the thematic group e-learning and on the new challenges emanating from recent European initiatives, like the Digital Education Action Plan of the European Commission.
  • New technologies, like Augmented and Virtual Reality; Workshop with the 360 Ricoh camera; Confrontation – Discussion and input for video manifesto (including SRS)
  • Forum on collaborative research in digital education
  • Q&A track on E-certification and Virtual Exchange
  • Define the necessary conditions for developing and offering joint (LERU)courses on Academic Development for the LERU community.
  • Students’ perspectives and E-Portfolio
  • Success cases video & media: Anne-Marie Mosbech (University of Copenhagen)

Extra: The Utrecht University Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival 2018

You could think about visiting the Utrecht University Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival 2018, which is a yearly free festival aimed at innovations in secondary and higher education. This year’s edition is planned for Friday, November 30th, right after the LERU Digital Higher Education Summit. Please visit  TLL website for more information and registration.

Teaching Learning Lab webiste

The On-campus Conference will take place on 29th and 30th of November 2018, at Utrecht University 

24-hour conference – noon till noon
Utrecht University Hall (Utrecht city centre) 

Information on how to go to Utrecht University Hall can be found:


We have pre-booked rooms at a special rate for LERU participants in the Hotel Mitland (90 euro p.n.) and Star Lodge Hotel (95 euro p.n.). See below for general information on both hotels. If you want to make a reservation please register for the face to face conference, you will receive further information by e-mail. 

29th and 30th of November 2018 at the Utrecht University

For invitees only.
Please contact your Vice Rector of Teaching and Learning or your LERU representative if you would like to register for the On-campus Conference.

To receive a registration form please send an e-mail to: leru@educate-it.nl